Her Story: Willa B. Brown

Willa B. Brown (1906-1992) is an American legend; she was a lobbyist, aviator, teacher, civil rights activist and made history accomplishing many “Firsts” for women.

Willa was the first woman (of any race) in U.S. history to earn a mechanic license and a commercial pilot’s license. She was the first black officer of the Civil Air Patrol and co-founded the first black-owned and operated flight training academy in the United States. Willa went on to become the first African American woman to run for congress. She was a lifelong advocate for gender and racial equality in the military and in flight.

Before Willa Brown, there was Bessie Coleman. Women’s history is made standing on the shoulders of the women that came before. Today we honor these barrier breakers for leading the way.

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WILLA B. BROWN (1906-1992)

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