Her Story: Stephanie Person

Stephanie Person was the first Black woman to become a professional skateboarder. She fought her way onto the skateboarding scene during the ’80s.  It was not was not easy for her, the guys didn’t want to give her space or respect. But she did not back down. She kept showing up, she made things happen for herself. In the end, she changing the game for the girls and women who came after her.  As a Pro, her sponsors included Madrid, Santa Cruz, Swatch, Etnies, Converse, just to name a few. 

After skateboarding, she became a self-taught expert in the Keto diet and a fitness coach. Stephanie is a pioneer and legend in the world of skating. Her story is important and we want to insure it is not lost in history.  She paved the way for Black women in skating, Stephanie Person is Black history.

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