Her Story: Marva Scott

Georgia as Marva Scott Pro Wrestling pioneer.

Marva Scott was a Pro Wrestling pioneer and one of America’s first black female wrestlers. Little is know about this unsung hero. She wrestled under the names Marva Scott, Marva Wingo, and  African Black Cat. Marva wrestled from the 1950s to the late 1970s. 

Two of her sisters, Babs Wingo and Ethel Johnson became pro wrestlers just before Marva joined them. 

These athletes braved racism and sexism to succeed in a white, male-dominated profession during a time when segregation laws were still in effect. During their peak, Scott, Johnson, and Wingo were among the highest-paid black athletes in the United States. Yet, their names and stories remain a forgotten piece of American history. 

She made history, Her Story deserves to be discovered and told.

Marva Scott

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