Her Story: Madeline Anderson

Georgia as Madeline Anderson

Today we honor Madeline Anderson (born 1927), a trailblazing filmmaker, producer, director, editor, and screenwriter. She is credited with being the first black woman to produce and direct a televised documentary. She is also the first black woman to produce and direct syndicated TV series. She was the first black employee at the New York-based public television station WNET. She was one of the first black women to join the film editors union. If that weren’t enough, During the 70s she helped create the country’s first and only black-owned public television station, WHUT – TV at Howard University. 

Madeline Anderson worked her way into the film industry against all odds and without a road map to follow. Her efforts and success serve as an inspiration to future filmmakers and producers, she broke down barriers and blazed a trail for those that follow. She made history!

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