Georgia as Linda Martell

Her Story: Linda Martell

Georgia as Linda Martell

Linda Martell was the first African-American female vocalist to perform at the Grand Ole Opry show.

Born in South Carolina in 1941, Linda Martell began singing in church with her siblings at age 5. Martell had an affinity for country music early on. She was also drawn to sing blues, jazz, and R&B. She caught her big break performing at the Charleston Air Force Base in 1969 where she caught the attention of Producer and label owner Shelby Singleton. She signed with his Plantation label soon after.

That same year, Martell made the Top 25 with her song “Color Him Father” and became the first African-American woman to appear on the Grand Ole Opry.

Linda Martell, first black woman to sing on the "Grand Ole Opry"

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