Her Story: Joan Baez

Avaya as Joan Baez

Joan Chandos Baez (1941),  is an American folksinger and political activist of Mexican and Scottish descent who inspired audiences with her distinctive voice and message of social justice during the 1960s. Baez has continued to be an activist and a popular performer into the 21st century.

Baez was no stranger to racism and discrimination growing up. She persisted and pursued her musical talents despite the harassment she encountered. As a vocalist and guitarist, Baez played a crucial part in the rebirth of Folk Music in the 1960s. Baez used her music to express her social and political views.

With her incredible talent, unforgettable voice, along with her commitment to peace, civil rights and social justice for the marginalized and oppressed, Baez holds a place in history as a woman that changed the world for the better. 

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