Her Story: Ella Fitzgerald

Georgia as Ella Fitzgerald, African-American Female first Grammy winner.
Her Story: Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Jane Fitzgerald (1917-1996)

Known as the First Lady of Jazz and the First Lady of Song. Ella Fitzgerald holds a special place in American history and the world of music. As a young girl, Ella dreamed of becoming an entertainer. As a young teenager she lived on the streets singing for pennies. At age 17, she entered amateur night at the Apollo Theater in Harlem and took home the grand prize of $25. Ella continued working hard and dedicating her energy to jazz, building an amazing career as a lead singer and solo vocalist. She recorded her first album in 1938, and her breakthrough hit single, “A Tisket-a-Tasket” became the jazz standard. 

Ella was an unstoppable force in the music world, collaborating with industry greats across many genres and developing her unique singing style, called skatting. Over the course of her career, she recorded more than two hundred albums and two thousand songs. She made history in 1958 when she became the first African American woman to win a Grammy.

Thank you Ella Fitzgerald for the amazing music and inspiration.

Ella Fitzgerald, First Lady of Jazz. First African American woman to win a Grammy.

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