Her Story: Andrea Hayes-Jordan

Andrea Hayes-Jordan is America’s first Black female board-certified pediatric surgeon. Professor, Researcher, Cancer Surgeon, Dr. Andrea Hayes-Jordan overcame monumental hurdles to succeed. She faced both racism and sexism working her way toward her dream. With persistence and hard work, broke new ground and paved the way for future female doctors.

Andrea Hayes-Jordan became the Nation’s first Black female board-certified pediatric surgeon in 2002. In 2004, Hayes-Jordan became the first surgeon in the world to perform “heated” chemotherapy on a pediatric patient. This procedure has become the standard of care for patients of all ages with certain abdominal tumors. She continues to conduct clinical research in pediatric oncology, and make significant groundbreaking contributions to her field. She is currently the Surgeon-in-Chief at North Carolina Children’s Hospital. Dr. Jordan is saving lives, and has changed the face of medicine forever. She made history!

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Andrea Hayes-Jordan

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