Her Story: Beverly Bond

Beverly Bond is on a mission to make a difference. DJ, author, mentor, model, media maven and women’s empowerment leader, she has taken the world by storm.

Bond is best known for founding “Black Girls Rock”, a not-for-profit organization which celebrates the success of African American women across the world and their unique magic. Her “Black Girls Rock!” movement started out as an affirmation on a T-shirt clothing line and grew into a mentorship program for young women promoting self-worth. In 2006 Bond created the Black Girls Rock Awards, a celebration of Black women’s voices and experiences. She later partnered with BET to broadcast the show on a national platform.

In 2015 Bond launched a leadership conference called Black Girls Lead. The goal of the conference is to bring together young women to amplify leadership skills, critical thinking, ingenuity and creativity.

“I created BLACK GIRLS LEAD to support young women’s holistic development. The program is designed to help girls find their voices, define their truths, own their agencies and forge the futures they envision,” – Beverly Bond

In 2016 Bond was presented with a Women Who Care award. Beverly Bond is on a mission to make a difference, her passion to empower Black women and girls is changing the world. She Made History, today we celebrate Her Story. 

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